Dictionary.com Featured in PR Daily

Senior director of editorial for Dictionary.com, John Kelly talks to PR Daily about identity language. [...]

Dictionary.com Featured in Forbes

Heather Bonikowski, a lexicographer at Dictionary.com, discussed the accessibility ramifications of captions on social media [...]

Dictionary.com Featured in Matador Network

John Kelly, the associate director of content and education at Dictionary.com, was featured in Matador [...]

Dictionary.com Featured in Eat This, Not That!

Dictionary.com’s John Kelly, associate director of Content & Education, and Heather Bonikowski, lexicographer, were interviewed [...]

Dictionary.com Featured in InsideHook

John Kelly, the Associate Director of Content and Education at Dictionary.com, was mentioned on InsideHook to [...]

Dictionary.com Featured in Mashable

Dictionary.com was featured on Mashable to discuss Dictionary.com’s latest updates that address social justice issues, [...]

Dictionary.com Featured in Reader’s Digest

John Kelly, Dictionary.com’s Associate Director of Content & Education and top lexicographer/linguist, was featured in [...]

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