Mission & Values


The TASC Group, a nonprofit communications firm, was built on a foundation of progressive values and a passion for public service, which are reflected in the work that we do for our client partners every single day.

We exist to help make a meaningful difference for nonprofit organizations, social advocacy causes and campaigns, and mission-driven businesses that are committed to building stronger communities and making the world a better place.

Our Values:

Authenticity, Integrity, and Ethics
Being good and ethical communicators means we listen first, with empathy, and seek to understand each other, our clients, and the world around us. Being straightforward and honest with each other and with our clients is central to our work and our purpose. We must have integrity in the work that we do. Our industry is not known for ethical behavior.

Hard Work, High Expectations
We hold ourselves and others to high standards. We work hard every day to help our clients be successful and to grow into better public relations and communications professionals. We are accountable for our actions. We do not make excuses nor issue blame. We adhere to collective expectations while respecting all of our co-workers and team members.

Compassion and Respect
Compassion is the heart of who we are as individual employees and who we are as a firm. When we criticize, we do so with respect. Our goal is to empower, to train and mentor our people. We demonstrate respect for co-workers and our clients in all words and actions. We never diminish the work of our colleagues by thinking that our work is more important than their work. No job at TASC is below us. Every employee at TASC is a member of a team. We must all contribute to that team. We always help our teammates with their work when we are asked.

Inspired Fun
While the work we do at The TASC Group must inspire us, at the same time we must have fun while we are doing it. We aim to cultivate a sense of joy in the work we do and look for fun ways to build our firm, serve our clients, practice our craft, and grow as employees.

Dedicated to Growth
We must dedicate ourselves to learning our craft every day. Teamwork is the essence of how we grow and develop our skills. We must be committed to being productive members of a team and to helping others on that team growth alongside us. By having one another’s backs, we grow as individuals, as a company and as a partner to our clients. We also want individuals to push themselves and be pushed by their supervisors to continue to grow, learn and be challenged.

Entrepreneurial Spirit
Our individual employees must embody a sense of entrepreneurial spirit. This means they are committed to learning and developing their skills. They are driven by results and efficient work. They are responsible for the budgets, hours, and profitability of their clients whether they are junior or senior members of their teams. They think outside the box, take the initiative and are always looking for unique ways to service their clients and support the company.

Efficient and Effective Approach to our Work
Our teams must take an efficient and effective approach to all of their client work. They must deliver work product in a timely and efficient manner. They must honor deadlines, both internal and external, when they are given. They must communicate in a professional manner, both internally and externally.

Be Creative & Think Outside the Box
Our teams must demonstrate new ways of thinking, both internally with staff and externally with clients, prospects, and the community. We must be willing to explore new creative ways of doing things to improve ourselves as employees and to strengthen our company. Our job is to always be learning and thinking outside the box so we can improve the way we service our clients in this quick changing field, in this transformative economy and in this evolving world.