Looking to Give Your Business a Boost? Public Relations Can Help

February 15, 2017

A good marketing strategy can only go so far when launching a new brand or business. In many cases, marketing is more effective in the short-term by increasing brand awareness and/or increasing sales (depending on your brand goals). A sound public relations strategy, however, can help ensure expansion over time and allow your brand to gain the recognition it deserves.

Here are some starting points:


The basis of any good public relations campaign is a clear, strong message, and at the core of every such message is a compelling story. Your brand and your passion are unique, and you need to describe what you do and why people should care in a way that resonates with the public.

Increasing Visibility:

Visibility is key to resonate with your consumers and create awareness for your brand. You need to conduct sound research to begin identifying your target audience. Make sure you really know the behavior of your niche and their general interests. This data is needed in order to craft the perfect public relations approach.

Engaging Audiences:

Once you’ve identified you target audience, you need to formulate a public relations plan that can generate content that engages them. What newspapers or magazines do they read? What blogs or social media profiles do they follow? Knowing where your audience gets their news will inform the types of content that you need to generate to get and keep their attention.

Identifying Additional Goals

While increasing visibility and engaging your target audience may be the immediate goals of your public relations campaign, public relations can help achieve a variety of other goals as well. Are you trying to increase product sales? Are you trying to get attendance at an event? Are you trying to change the public’s perception of a certain person or issue? Or fundraise for a cause? A solid public relations campaign can be tailored to address one or more of these goals.

When a PR Pro is Needed:

It’s not easy to customize and implement a great public relations campaign. If you’re not certain where to begin or have no past public relations experience, it might be a good idea to hire a public relations professional to take the lead. Public relations professionals already understand what it takes to build out great campaigns and get your message across to your desired audience.

Benefits of a Public Relations Approach:

When done properly, PR will boost conversion rates with your customers, turn your brand into an authoritative figure in your niche, affect public policy and opinion makers, raise much needed funds and/or attract new followers and program participants. If you’re thinking of hiring a professional for your public relations needs, contact The TASC Group today.

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