Crisis Management Services Practice Intro

The TASC Group’s Crisis & Issues Management practice is a team of dedicated and experienced communications practitioners adept at advising clients on how to navigate difficult  reputational, legal, business and political communications challenges.

We have successfully guided clients involved in some of the top stories and controversies in the nation, won numerous industry awards in recognition of our work and our expertise is regularly sought out by prominent media to comment on the top PR challenges of the day.

In tense environments where professional dreams, organizational aspirations and even national destinies are on the line, you need a serious team available 24/7 who can respond immediately and connect you with appropriate additional resources, including recommended counsel, if need arises. We are exceptionally adept in ensuring true alignment between communications, business and legal priorities. Our wide-ranging experience ensures that your stakeholders, from  board members to consumer audiences to governmental partners, are kept informed and enthusiastic about your mission

Our award-winning approach is simple but successful. Our competitive, values-driven team knows what reporters actually want and expect and how to leverage this to help our clients and win in the press. We know what it takes to keep you out of the media when possible and how to turn unfair stories into fair stories before they’re published. We will provide detailed analysis of the challenge, timely messaging that meets the moment and extensive media training to ensure you’re ready for any reporter interaction.

Not everyone can be a TASC client. We leverage our reputation for having clients who want to tell the truth, be known by their high character and strong values and who are willing to make wrongs right when necessary.

In preparation for perhaps the most important challenge of your life, the reputation of the TASC brand allows us to help you get what you most want from the media: a fair shake.


Key Services 

  1. Assessing risks & vulnerabilities
  2. Proactive planning for future crises
  3. Minute-to-minute live crisis management
  4. Post-crisis reputational repair