Recommended Reading for our Clients

Innovation, Tech & Business

  • Forbes: “The Coronavirus is Creating Problems, But it’s Also Creating Tremendous Opportunities”
  • CNN Business: “Global Coronavirus Crisis Inspires Creativity and Kindness”


  • The Washington Post: “The Arts Will Recover from the Coronavirus, As They Did After 9/11. But They Might Look a Lot Different”
  • The Washington Post: “New York is One of the World’s Great Cities for the Arts – But the Damage from the Pandemic is Proving to be Catastrophic”
  • Crain’s Chicago Business: “An Anxious Post-Coronavirus Future for the Arts”


  • The New York Times: “A New Mission for Nonprofits During the Outbreak: Survival”
  • NPR: “As Economy Struggles, Nonprofits Ask Congress for Help”
  • Forbes: “How Nonprofits Can Navigate Challenging Situations Through Communication”
  • Inside Philanthropy: “‘Remake the Model. Philanthropy and the Arts After Coronavirus”
  • The Chronicle of Philanthropy: “United Way Worldwide CEO Discusses Changes in the Nonprofit World Due to COVID-19”
  • ABC News: “Nonprofit Organizations Ask For Stimulus Money As Resources Dry Up in Coronavirus Pandemic”
  • USA Today: “As Big Business is Aided by Coronavirus Stimulus, Nonprofits Like Mine Won’t Find Much Relief”


  • Forbes: “Distance Learning During the Coronavirus Pandemic: Equity and Access Questions for School Leaders”
  • The New York Times: “Coronavirus is Shutting Schools. Is America Ready for Virtual Learning?”
  • PBS: “Most Schools are Completely Unprepared for Coronavirus Virtual Learning”
  • EdWeek: “Coronavirus Prompting E-Learning Strategies”
  • International Society for Tech in Education (ISTE): “10 Strategies for Online Learning During the Coronavirus Outbreak”
  • US News and World Report: “Many Schools Are Not Providing Any Instruction Amid Closures”

Inequity During COVID-19

  • The New York Times: “‘White Collar Quarantine’ Over Virus Spotlights Class Divide”
  • The Atlantic: “The Coronavirus Will Be a Catastrophe for the Poor”
  • The New Yorker: “‘It Spreads Like Wildfire’: The Coronavirus Comes to New York’s Prisons”
  • The New York Times: “As Coronavirus Deepens Inequality, Inequality Worsens Its Spread”

Leadership and CSR

  • The New York Times: “What 9/11 Taught Us About Leadership in a Crisis”
  • Forbes: “Purpose at Work: How Brands Lead with their Purpose to Combat the Coronavirus”
  • The New York Times: “How Business Should Change After the Coronavirus Crisis”
  • Slate: “The Best, the Worst, and the Weirdest of the Random Coronavirus Emails We’re all getting from Brands”
  • Forbes: “Coronavirus Champions: A Running List of Brands Getting it Right”
  • Harvard Business Review: “Brand Marketing Through the Coronavirus Crisis”

Mental Health and Well-being

  • Vox: “Working From Home Can Make People More Productive. Just Not During a Pandemic”
  • World Economic Forum: “Managing Mental Health During Coronavirus – Experts Around the World Share Insights”
  • The Atlantic: “The Coronavirus is Creating a Huge, Stressful Experiment in Working From Home”
  • The Washington Post: “Coronavirus is Harming the Mental Health of Tens of Millions of People in the US, New Poll Finds”
  • Forbes: “How to Lead with Mental Health in Mind During the Coronavirus Pandemic”
  • The Washington Post: “How to Actually Do This Remote Learning Thing While Also Working from Home”
  • Forbes: “How to Maintain your Mental Health During the Coronavirus Crisis”


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