Throughout the pandemic, we have all experienced great fear and uncertainty. Questions bombard our every waking moment.

covid 19 public relations services

The TASC Group, an NYC-based nonprofit and social advocacy communications firm, was founded almost two decades ago to serve progressive organizations and companies that were making a positive, meaningful impact in our communities. We have grown tremendously over the years while having the privilege to work with dynamic and inspiring leaders who are making the world a better place.

The pandemic has reminded us of how important our core mission is and remains. We are dedicated to helping these elevated advocacy organizations and companies serve others. This crisis has made us even more driven and focused on our work to serve nonprofits and other like-minded individuals.

We want to help you to find creative ways to connect to those you serve, to effectively communicate your messaging and carry out your mission to the right audiences in the right manner to make a difference.


The COVID-19 crisis has dramatically raised the stakes of both internal and external communications. Given the implications on public health, the economy and daily life, it is vital for organizations to rapidly adopt best practices for how they communicate in traditional and social media to maintain an appropriate tone acknowledging the severity of the situation.

Social distancing means the public is consuming more media than ever before, and your message – right or wrong – will travel further and faster than usual. Resilient organizations and companies that understand the urgency of the public mood will rise to the occasion and demonstrate their commitment to sustained impact. Those that carry on business as usual and don’t adapt to the changing times are more likely to encounter challenges and crisis scenarios. The good news is that there is a rulebook on how to operate in these uncertain circumstances.

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