Ohio Train Derailment: Public Relations in Holding Institutions Accountable

On February 3, 2023, the freight train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio resulted in dismaying [...]

Artifact’s Effects on Journalism and PR – the AI-Based News App by the Founders of Instagram

Apps that run on algorithm-fueled personalization are gaining traction. Popular social network TikTok now has [...]

Advocacy Today: The Benefits of Integrated PR and Digital Marketing Campaigns

The emergence of digital marketing has given cause-driven organizations a unique opportunity to reach their [...]

Public Relations in Advancing Environmental Justice

Environmental justice is at the forefront of concerns for many Americans and people around the [...]

How Changes at Twitter Could Impact the Public Relations World

Elon Musk recently cemented his grip on Twitter with a series of bombshell announcements. He [...]

The Importance of Human Stories in Effective Nonprofit PR

When it comes to PR and communications, human stories are the most powerful tool you [...]

Public relations in times of war

The Russia-Ukraine war is front and center in the media and the minds of many [...]

Five Ways COVID-19 Has Changed the PR Industry

As PR professionals we are well accustomed to working with fast news cycles, adhering to [...]

Six of the Top 2022 Trends We Might See This Year

In our media-saturated culture, trends can sometimes be seen as fleeting and therefore not worthy [...]

Networking For Young PR Professionals

Networking is important for any young professional, but especially for those in a field like [...]

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