The Challenge: The David Lynch Foundation (DLF) is a nonprofit organization founded by filmmaker David Lynch to provide free Transcendental Meditation (TM) training to at-risk populations, including veterans suffering from PTSD, victims of domestic violence and inner-city school children, in order to reduce their stress and enrich their lives. DLF hired TASC to increase media attention for its events including the star-studded Change Begins Within concert; raise awareness of its advocacy work and programs; and educate the public about the health benefits of the evidence-based TM technique.

Our Strategy: TASC targeted national, regional and local media outlets with messaging on DLF’s work and research that supports the impact and benefits of TM for reducing stress and anxiety and improving mental resilience and concentration, especially for those in at-risk communities. We focused on highlighting programs that resonated with the public, including those that brought TM to veterans and victims of abuse. For the concert gala, we leveraged the participation of stars like Jerry Seinfeld and Katy Perry to attract Hollywood and celebrity outlets and get DLF’s work in front of a mainstream audience.

Our Results: TASC secured over 220 unique media placements for DLF’s various programs in global, national and local media outlets including Bloomberg Businessweek, Agence France Presse, HuffPost, Seventeen, Psychology Today, Metro New York, Well + Good, DNA Info,, Everyday Health and The Boston Globe. TASC’s media outreach established the executive director of the David Lynch Foundation as a national thought leader and expert on stress. The media coverage also emphasized the benefits of TM for wellness among veterans and domestic violence survivors.