The Challenge: The Center for Social Inclusion (CSI) is a unique nonprofit organization that combines the policy expertise of a think tank with the grassroots organizing of a social justice and political organization. Prior to hiring TASC, CSI had a low profile in the civil rights and social justice space and virtually no media coverage. TASC was brought on to develop a national thought leadership platform for CSI President Maya Wiley on structural inequity and racism, and secure media coverage for CSI’s unique policy ideas.

Our Strategy: TASC focused on introducing Wiley to top- tier national media outlets to establish her expertise and offer her for commentary on relevant issues. We set up editorial board meetings and one-on-one conversations with reporters and editors, as well as booking producers at top television networks that covered race, ethnicity and social justice. In addition, TASC focused on developing opportunities for op-eds and columns, illustrating Wiley’s unique insight into these issues.

Results: TASC placed Wiley in major national stories about race, racism and income inequality, establishing her as a national thought leader on these issues. TASC generated over 100 unique media hits, which accounted for 67 million media impressions. Wiley addressed the U.S. House Democratic Caucus on how Republicans use racial coding to influence the American public. Due to our work, she became a semi-regular guest on the MSNBC shows Melissa Harris-Perry, The Cycle, All In with Chris Hayes, and Up with Steve Kornacki. Wiley appeared over 20 times on these shows. She also became a regular contributor in the iconic liberal magazine, The Nation. When Bill de Blasio was elected mayor of New York City, he tapped her to be his chief counsel and play a leading role in helping him develop and roll out initiatives designed to address income inequality.