The Challenge: TASC was hired to represent Carmen Perez, one of the nation’s foremost Latinx leaders and founder of the Women’s March on Washington, DC. The march was the largest single-day protest in the history of the United States, attracting over 5 million marchers across the country. Carmen is also the Executive Director of The Gathering for Justice, a civil rights organization founded by celebrity and social activist Harry Belafonte. Carmen’s other accomplishments included leading the #ICantBreathe, #ImWithKap and #FreeMeekMill campaigns. TASC was hired to position Carmen as a national thought leader on civil rights and social justice activism.

Our Strategy: TASC’s main goals were to build both a national thought leadership platform for Carmen and a national brand reputation for the Gathering for Justice as the foremost leaders on criminal justice reform, racial profiling, police brutality and other key civil rights issues. Our strategy was to create media exposure for Carmen by facilitating the publication of her quotes and op-eds regarding critical issues in national and local news outlets. TASC also worked to generate extensive coverage on The Gathering for Justice, spanning all its programmatic efforts and campaigns.

Results: Over the course of TASC’s work, our team successfully built a national thought leadership platform for Carmen to share her thoughts and expertise on social justice movements, with her quotes appearing in The Washington Post, The New York Times, the Atlantic, New York Daily News, The Hill, USA Today and dozens of other major national outlets. Carmen was able to speak on key social justice issues such as the murder of Eric Garner and the subsequent firing of Officer Jim Pantaleo to a national audience while The Gathering for Justice’s grassroots activism was covered by a number of local outlets. Our team successfully solidified Carmen as a national criminal justice reform leader and social activist and The Gathering for Justice became recognized as an effective advocacy organization at the forefront of criminal justice reform.