The Challenge: Oyate Group is a Group a nonprofit organization with the mission to alleviate poverty and empower underserved communities all across New York City. The organization was founded at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic to mitigate the impacts of the pandemic on New York’s most vulnerable communities. Throughout the pandemic, Oyate Group worked to increase ICU bed capacity, provide grants for small businesses, fight food insecurity and offer scholarships for local youth, but was working in anonymity, with no media coverage, little notoriety or trust among the communities they were serving and no organizational messaging. As they looked to take on vaccine confidence and inequity issues, Oyate approached The TASC Group for help to get the word out about their mission and services and establish the organization as a well-known and trusted nonprofit.

Our Strategy: TASC’s strategy was to reach the community Oyate Group served to ensure they knew about and trusted the organization and their services, position the organization’s leadership as thought leaders and major players in New York’s nonprofit community and build out a communications infrastructure for the organizations to convey its legitimacy and impact. TASC worked to generate media coverage for the organization’s Bronx Rising Initiative, which conducted door-to-door outreach, vaccine pop-ups at public housing facilities and homebound initiative. In addition, TASC worked to position the organization’s leadership as experts to comment on city, state and national vaccine initiatives and how they could be optimized to reach more people who were in need. TASC developed the organization’s website, submitted leadership for awards, secured the organization nonprofit navigator seals of transparency and more.

Results: TASC’s efforts generated over 700 media placements over the course of a year for print, TV and online in major outlets including The New York Times and Vox, on national cable shows including ABC News, Telemundo and Univision and by international outlets like The Economist’s podcast, The Jab and BBC World Radio. TASC supported the organization’s growth, leading to increased donations from individuals, a staff expansion, the creation of a volunteer program and additional partnerships. Most importantly, TASC reached BRI’s target audience of underserved and marginalized New Yorkers, increasing their trust in the organization and, critically, the vaccine, allowing Oyate to inoculate over 40,000 New Yorkers in one year. Oyate has been established as one of the leading and most trusted nonprofits serving too-often-overlooked communities in New York.