Brand Engagement Rates Much Better on Instagram than Facebook

July 19, 2017

Adweek recently published an article about brands and celebrities’ engagement on Instagram versus Facebook. Research conducted by SocialBakers found that brands are getting more than three times more engagement on Instagram than they are on Facebook, while celebrities are reaping the benefits of 3.6 times greater engagement. The study looked at millions of posts on both Instagram and Facebook for their analysis. “While it’s probably not surprising to most social media marketers—who don’t work for media companies, that is—that Instagram yields a greater engagement rate (likes, shares, comments, etc., divided by viewers), it seems remarkable that it’s made such gains in terms of sheer signals,” they write.

Jan Rezab, chairman and founder of SocialBakers, noted not to move spending away from Facebook, however, despite the findings of their research. Instead, she advises to just start putting a little more emphasis on Instagram and to start looking at it as more of a conversion platform.

Companies looking to engage with customers—current or potential—should keep a close eye on trends in social media. The way in which customers and consumers interact with brands and celebrities is constantly changing, so it’s wise for companies to have a presence on several platforms that reach relevant audiences, especially when some of those audiences can be found engaging on one platform, but not another. Depending on social trends and your company’s goals, you may want to make certain platforms, like Facebook, your core focus, while knowing that others, like Instagram, are growing every day and can be a great resource for you to find new customers or supporters.

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