Talent and Background of Staff

Members of our team have…

  • Been managing editors of major magazines
  • Backgrounds in Hollywood
  • Worked with Pulitzer Prize winning playwrights and Oscar and Emmy award winning actors
  • Served with Elected Officials
  • Worked on national and statewide political campaigns
  • Ran and worked for nonprofits and NGOs
  • Worked in the labor movement and represented national unions
  • Promoted award winning film documentaries
  • Negotiated and sold major book deals for six figure advances
  • Represented A-list celebrities, artists, musicians and dancers
  • Worked with Hip Hop moguls
  • Helped build national monuments and memorials
  • Fought for civil rights and social justice issues on a national stage
  • Repaired and strengthened a company’s reputation after a devastating crisis
  • Represented high-profile clients who are engaged in criminal and civil cases that are being covered by the national media
  • Helped clients who are involved in class action lawsuits that could damage their brands