Grassroots Communications & Community Outreach

Whether you are a nonprofit, issues advocacy organization or a Fortune 500 company, your community outreach and grassroots communications can influence the public debate on an issue or policy and influence the leaders that can impact your cause or product.

grassrootsflintTASC is skilled at breaking down complicated mission statements and messages and communicating them in a clear and compelling manner to attract community support for a cause, service or product.  Our expertise in bringing together media relations, grassroots communications and community outreach and organizing ensures that our clients achieve their advocacy or business goals.

Our media and community outreach programs are designed to aggressively and effectively communicate core messages through the media and directly to decision makers in the community. As a result, our clients gain the credibility and recognition they need to succeed.
Our services in this area include:

  • Grassroots Campaigns
  • Community Outreach and Organizing
  • Issues Management
  • Nonprofit Development
  • Crisis Management

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