Crisis & Issues Management

crisis & issues management

Not only do media trust our in-depth, transparent approach, but clients rely on TASC for seasoned counsel in the area of crisis communications.  Our process is well-honed and generates optimal outcomes.  We dig deep to understand all the facts then communicate our clients’ side of the story to media, other key stakeholders, including employees, investors, and to the world.  Never defensive and always sincere, our approach disarms even the greatest adversaries and opponents.  We always paint the entire picture and depict balanced stories, emphasizing the good our clients do in business and the community at large.

TASC is particularly adept at managing reactive crises, planning, message development and spokesperson preparation and training.  We are available 24/7 for our clients and give them peace of mind, knowing we are on call and available at any time to provide smart, expert advice.

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